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Why is it needed to install Water vapor cryopump in a high vacuum system?

Issuing time:2018-04-10 18:27

1、In a vacuum system, water vapor is the biggest obstacle that affects the evacuation rate of the vacuum device, Water vapor cryopump is capable of rapidly and defectively entrapping 65% to 95% of the water vapor in the residual air of the system. Reducing the time consumption for evacuation of water vapor with the efficiency up to 80%.If Water vapor cryopump is equipped in the existing vacuum pumping system. The production capacity can be improved by 30%-100%. and the coating quality can also be upgraded.

2、In the vacuum system, water vapor is one of the primary source of pollution, therefore if the pressure of water vapor can be reduced. The adhesion property of the coated membrane will be enhanced and the coating quality will be improved; meanwhile, color difference can be avoided during evaporation of various decorative materials. And the corner surface can be smooth during evaporation of plastic substrates.

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