BEIJING TIANDIJINGYI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD Founded in 2002 in the Zhongguancun Innovation Park. A professional engaged in refrigeration equipment research and development, production, sales, maintenance as one of the high-tech enterprises. Company USES the design of Germany, Italy, France, Germany and other imported accessories, the main production - 135℃ Water vapor cryopump, low temperature cold trap, capture - 60℃ to - 150℃ ultra-low temperature freezer, - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃ low temperature preservation box, etc. Products are widely used in vacuum coating, vacuum coating, scientific research units, aerospace, medical and health, bio-pharmaceutical, electronics chemical industry, military industry, ocean fisheries, etc.

       Since the company since its establishment, the company has been committed to the "excellent quality, towards the market, with excellent technology, leading the world; to perfect ser vice, to win customer satisfaction" business philosophy, to provide design, installation, after-sales service and other high quality one-stop service.

       My company will continue the pursuit of excellence, by the good faith as this, sincere cooperation attitude, service to customers, loyal customers, become a reliable cooperation partner of customers.

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